FAQ related to COVID-19

Find here answers to the most common questions related to the impact the current pandemic has on our program offerings.

The health and well-being of our community is our priority during the Covid-19 pandemic and as such, requires that all face-to-face spouses career development activities has had to be transitioned to an online delivery or canceled until further notice.  We hope this Q&A will help you address questions related to the current situation and the impact it has on the activities and services we are currently offering. If you have any other career related questions, please contact us directly at escs@adb.org. 

What impact does the pandemic have on the career coaching services offered to spouses/domestic partners?

We have transitioned the program into an online format, so that all coaching sessions, workshops and networking activities are now delivered remotely via virtual modalities. We still offer the same services such as career related workshops (now webinars) and individual one-on-one coaching.

I am now based outside duty station – can I still join the program?

Yes you can. The program is focused on transitioning your career to the Philippines or the region. It may be accessed from any place in the world however, we cannot offer local knowledge about job market conditions outside of the Philippines, but we will support you as you build your network and work on your career development. We offer you a job search toolbox that you can be applied for job search anywhere in the world – and virtually.

Is it worth joining the program at this point in time?

The program will help you increase your self-awareness, discover new insights about your career development and help you set career goals. The output of joining the program does not necessarily need to be to find a job. Some spouses decide that now is a good time to invest in their career development and enroll in an educational program or training course. Other spouses have decided that they wish to transition their career to a virtual job opportunity that is flexible and can be undertaken from any place in the world. Now, may be actually good time to invest in yourself so that you are ready when the economy starts opening up again.

Is coaching via Skype effective?

Coaching via Skype or other video conference tools may be as effective as coaching in person and the process is no different. Coaching is about building a relationship between coach and coachee that fosters trust, reflection, and challenge. Therefore, as long as you feel comfortable using technology to communicate, chances are that you will find coaching via Skype works well and is as effective as meeting in person.

Is it possible to network while most people are working from home?

Yes! While there are many online networking events being offered, remember that networking is beyond attending social gatherings. The chambers of commerce and other associations will publish events on their homepage. Stay connected, grow your network and increase your visibility and chances for getting a job. If you join our mailing list we will send you relevant networking events that you may attend.

How can I further develop my career during the pandemic?

You can make the most of these uncertain times by developing skills that can advance your future career and improve your career prospects. Updating your CV is a great starting point. Make sure to highlight our achievements and support it with examples. There's no better way to improve your employability than by improving your skills. Online courses are available in a range of subjects from multiple course providers, including independent platforms and academic institutions.

How do I access tools and resources related to ADB Expatriate Spouse Career Services while away from Manila/duty station?

Our program is now delivered online so you can join from any location. Sign up for our mailing list and get notified when registration for the program is open and when other events and learning sessions are launched. In addition, you may join the ADB Expatriate Spouse Career Group for updates on job postings and networking events. Simply go to LinkedIn, search for the group and send a request to join.

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