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Finding a job in a new country is challenging and you might find that the way you used to go about finding a job does not apply to finding a job as an expat in a local market. Forget about writing and sending loads of job applications. It will in most cases not be enough to find a job. Welcome to networking!

As a newcomer your network is limited - so how do you get started with networking for your new job? And how do you get knowledge about what are do's and don'ts in the local culture?

We have gathered some resources that will serve as a good starting point for creating your network and getting knowledge about the local job market and culture. 

Chambers of commerce and other associations: These organizations host great events for networking and are often a great place to get inspiration for your job search. For you reference we have collected a list of the most active chambers in the Philippines. There are active chambers in most countries and we highly encourage spouses based in resident missions and field offices to reach out to the chambers and engage in their activities. 

LinkedIn - ADB Expatriate Spouse Career Group: Closed LinkedIn group for spouses/domestic partners. Sharing of job opportunities, network referrals and events. Please send a request to join the group through LinkedIn.

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ADB Expatriate Spouse Career Group

List of chambers and associations

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